August 20, 2008

The Rest of the Pics!

Finally, here are the last pics of Washington. Sorry it took me so long . . . long week last week, followed by a long weekend. But here they are:

Little Cranberry Lake, Fidalgo Island
Yes, I went swimming in the lake. I did not get dunked. =) It was teeth-clenching, bone-numbingly cold. Or as Jason gasped "Heart check!" But I did go in. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures to cooraborate this story, as I was in the water and my camera's not waterproof. But you can ask any member of the Neuhauser family. I may not have pictures, but I have witnesses!

Yep, that's us in the boat. Michael's rowing, Jason's holding Caleb, and I'm admiring the scenery

Our last day in Wa. We went for a hike before dinner, and Mike helped Caleb read and trace the letters of the signs along the path.

I will hopefully have more time for blogging this week. I have several posts bubbling on the back burner in my brain; so stay tuned!!!

Could you guys be praying for my mom? She had foot surgery on Monday, and is recovering now. I will give ya'll more details later, but I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

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