November 24, 2008

Moment by Moment, Peace by Peace

Caleb and I went to the Wild Animal Park this morning. Our passes expire on Sunday, and with the cooler weather, I wanted to take him one more time. We had such an amazing time. We got there around 9:30 and had the new Discovery Station all to ourselves for about a half hour. We played with plastic African animals, colored pictures, and built towers of small wooden blocks. We visited the elephants, the meercats, and the ducks. We went for a hike through the conifer forest and Caleb happily played in the dirt with a couple of sticks for about another half hour (honestly, I've never seen a kid so happy in dirt as Caleb =).

The park was quiet, peaceful. The weather was perfect. And I knew, I just knew, He had orchestrated it all. As we drove home, Wizards in Winter ran through my head while Caleb fell asleep in the backseat. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is fast becoming a new favorite around here; their Christmas music, while un-traditional, is nonetheless beautiful. I ordered one of their CDs from Amazon the other day and I can't wait for it to get here.

Wizards in Winter, which you can listen to here, has been my theme song this week. What with everything going on with Dad and Anne, this upbeat music has helped lift my spirits over and over. And, well, I just absolutely love this song. =) So as I drove home today, with this song in my head, I thanked God for a wonderful morning, good mommy-kiddo time with my precious son, and for all the little ways His grace manifests itself. I needed this morning.

This afternoon, we found out Anne does have leukemia.

The doctors don't know what type or what stage, but yes, it's leukemia. They want to start "treatment" (which means "chemo") later this week. She's pretty scared right now, and my dad isn't handling things too well, either. They are, as Anne said, taking things "moment by moment".

Your continued prayers are highly coveted commodities right now. And you know what? They're already working. When I talked to Anne this afternoon, I felt the same peace, the same Presence I felt this morning at the Wild Animal Park. And I know, I know that God is here with us. No matter if we are laughing with our children or crying with our family. He's in the midst of us. I've never been more certain of anything.

So thank you, friends, for your support and prayers. Keep 'em coming!

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Mishel said...

Oh Nicole! I am so very sorry to hear about Anne. And yes, God is with you...all the time.