November 19, 2008

Taking Care of Business

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to my friend Allyl over at La Petite Maison. Her blog focuses on chic home decor for nifty thrifty prices. She definitely has an eye for beautiful designs, so check it out! (I have added her blog to my sidebar, too, for your surfing pleasure).

The second thing I'd like to mention is this useful Christian website: Plugged In Online This site is also on my sidebar now; Plugged In gives Christian reviews for all current movies out in theaters, including violence, spiritual content, language, sex, etc. Not only are the reviews helpful, but they are well written too. Sometimes I find myself LOL-ing as I read simply because the writers obviously have fun with their job.

Last weekend was a heap of fun! My previous doubts notwithstanding (what a great word, huh?), we managed to pull off our visit to the Star Trek exhibit. Even though Caleb refused to take a nap that day. Even though, by the time we arrived at the museum, he was incredibly cranky. Even though he fell asleep in my arms while we looked at the various authentic costumes of our favorite characters. =)

Yep! We still had fun. Jason and Kevin took turns letting him ride on their shoulders. He climbed around Sulu and Chekov's seats on the bridge of the original Enterprise.

And now, I bet you're wondering why there aren't pictures. Wellllll, the museum wanted us to pay for professional photography and wouldn't let us take our own. =( That was the one downer of our trip. But lack of pictures notwithstanding (this shall be my new favorite word, I think), we all enjoyed ourselves and Kevin wants to come back and visit the rest of the Air and Space museum.

That was last weekend. Now I'm sitting here at my computer, thinking about this weekend and next, specifically about Thanksgiving. You know, that turkey holiday? Well apparently, it's right around the corner. A fact I failed to realize until yesterday. =) Funny how the holidays seem to sneak up on you. Sneaky sneaky holidays.

We are heading out to my dad's for Thanksgiving, something we've been doing since we got married. The desert is beautiful this time of year. I'm hoping it will be cold, since San Diego still labors under the delusion that it's July. Go away, heat!

Anywho, those are my Wednesday thoughts to share with ya'll. Hope you're having a good week!

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Linds said...

You're hoping it's going to be cold? Are you crazy? If you want cold, come to Wisconsin tomorrow, hon. 28 for the high. You will gladly welcome July temps in November, my friend!!! =)

Plug for my avon too!