November 27, 2008

Thoughts on this rainy Thanksgiving Night

Tonight I'm having one of those rare moments where my family's already in bed and I'm the only one up.

Scents of apple pie and turkey still drift through the house, memories of an unexpected family dinner a few hours ago.

Outside, clouds wheel and roll about the sky like a flock of birds, darting here and there. The air is clean, cold, and wet, a testimony to the wild amount of rain we've had the last two days. Finally, finally it begins to feel like fall around here. It smells like it, too, inside and out. I'm savoring the sensation.

Tomorrow will bring a new season. The advent, the excitement, the approach of Christmas. As per tradition, we will decorate our home this weekend with red and green and gold. Time to trade in my pumpkin pie and apple crisp candles for more seasonal scents, such as pine and cinnamin. And Jason will try to explain to Caleb that Christmas trees ornaments do not make good building blocks.

I can hardly wait. (said in a serious and non-sarcastic tone of voice). This is my favorite time of year.

And while many people will be waking up tomorrow to Black Friday sales and delicious leftovers, Jason and I are waking up to a car trip, hospital visit, and yet another change of plans.

But tomorrow isn't here yet. It's still Thanksgiving, for another hour and a half.

So I intend to be Thankful for the next hour and a half; maybe even just a bit longer.

For a God who loves me, even when I fail and when I am weak.

For a Savior who stands by me, even when the Devil and his world jeer at me for the choices I make.

For a husband who is helpful, faithful, and honest, no matter what.

For my precious son, who makes me laugh, makes me cry, and who blesses my heart every single day.

For the material blessings I enjoy and all-too-often take for granted.

For the immaterial blessings, such as friendship and laughter. My life is filled with them both.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you!

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