December 17, 2008

So maybe I should've had a flu shot . . .

Hello friends! I'm home!!

Home, as opposed to the ER and the Hospital. Where I spent yesterday and most of today. =(

What was wrong with me? Well, the doctors still aren't real sure. Their best guess is that I had food poisoning or a nasty flu bug. Lemme tell ya, friends, I've never had anything like it before. And I really hope I never do again.

Yesterday was NOT fun. Not the being sick part and not the waiting-in-the-ER-for-three-hours-before-being-admitted-part.

But hey, this time yesterday the doctors thought I might have apendicitus (sp?) and that I would have to have surgery. Obviously, because I'm home typing this and not in a recovery room somewhere, that didn't happen. God's grace.

Then there was my "neighbor" in the ER bed next to me. We were separated by a curtain, but curtains don't exactly afford a lot of privacy, especially when it comes to overhearing doctors and nurses. After an hour, I knew he was in there for diabetes, and I'm sure he knew I was having abdominal pain. After Jason left last night to go home and sleep, my neighbor and I talked for forty-five minutes through the curtain about life, our families, our medical histories, and the weather. The nurses thought that was quite funny, the two of us having a conversation without being able to see each other.

But hey! what are you going to do when there are no rooms for you in the hospital and you can't sleep in ER because they won't turn the blaring lights off or stop pricking you for blood? Believe me, you'd start talking to curtains too! I mean, er, the people behind them . . .

Troy (my neighbor) was more of God's grace to me last night. The hospital is a pretty lonely place at 11:30 pm.

So anyway, I'd appreciate your prayers that I recover ok and that this episode isn't indicative of a deeper issue. Because, as I stated above, the doctor never really nailed down what was wrong with me. And if you think of it, pray for Mr. Troy, too. He's in pretty bad shape with his diabetes.

Thanks you guys!


LeAnna said...

Goodness, girl! I hope it wasn't a flu virus 'cause that sounds like more of an ordeal than I'd ever hope to run into with just the flu!!! Gracious! Prayers for your speedy recovery (and your curtain buddy, too) - I know I refused the flu shot this year (they never work 'round these parts) and I've made everyone stay away that's come down with it. :P Feel better soon.

Nicole said...

Thanks... yeah, I talked with a friend of mine last night who's a nurse practitioner, and after sharing the details with her, she said it was more likely I had food poisoning. =p Yay for me. Now if I could just remember what I ate . . .

Anyway, I am feeling better, praise Jesus. Thanks for the prayers!

LeAnna said...

That's got to be my worst poisoning. I have been forever turned against bratwurst (or any sausage in a casing...yech..) for that very reason. Made me sicker than a dog, and I haven't touched one with a ten foot pole since! Praise the Lord you're feeling better!