December 22, 2008

Update, Update!

Another rainy day. Wonder if it will rain on Christmas? I was going to take Caleb to the park this morning, but we had to settle for Barnes 'n Noble instead. They have a train table there in the kids section and Caleb loves moving the little engines around the track. =) He even shared with the other little kids. *Sniff, sniff* My baby's growing up!

I spent a good part of the weekend resting and getting my strength back from the episode in the hospital. That little two day adventure really took it out of me; but thank the Lord, I am feeling better. Thank you all for your prayers! I appreciated them so much!

While I seem to be out of the woods, health issues aren't over yet. I have two doctors appointments scheduled for next week, on the advice of the ER doctor who treated me. Since he couldn't pinpoint exactly what was wrong with me, he wants my family doctor to run some extra tests, bloodwork, and all that jazz.

Yippee for me. =p Better to be safe than sorry, right?

In other news, several of you have been asking me how my step-mom is doing. I am happy to report that Anne is doing well. She has one of the more curable types of leukemia (APL, I think it's called), so she is expected to make a full recovery. When she's supposed to make said recovery is still up for debate, however. The doctors hope to send her home the first week of January, but a lot depends on her white blood cell/platelet counts. These continue to fluctuate and until they stabilize, she's going no where.

I talked to Anne today and she said to tell you all thank you for your prayers. She has felt every one of them. All things considered, she's doing pretty darn good. =)

We attended our church's Living Nativity last night. So fun! The story of Christmas all brought to life with real animals and people playing the vital roles of Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and wise men. Even a Herod in a richly decorated throne room! The best part was seeing a real baby in the manger and then, further down the "tour", a little one year old boy crawling around in the hay while the wise men came and presented gifts to him. =) Seeing it really helped me remember why we celebrate and why I love this holiday so much.

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