October 4, 2009

Honest Scrap

My thanks to LeAnna over at Thoughts and Whatnots for including me in this meme.

I took an impromptu bloggie break last week. Not because I had nothing to say, but because I've had so much running through my mind, I wasn't sure how to go about writing it all down. I wanted to blog; I just didn't know how to begin. But thanks to LeAnna, I think this meme will be a good place to start. ;)

Now I'm supposed to tell you ten honest things about myself. Hence the name "Honest Scrap." Here goes:

1) I am an only child who grew up dreaming of siblings. I wanted brothers and sisters so bad, I invented six of them to play with in my backyard: William, Whitney, Luke, Audrey (me), Priscilla, Nathaniel, and baby Florence. In this imaginary world, we lived on a farm. William was away at college, Whitney was already married and lived on her husband's farm (are you seeing a theme here? Just wait. We'll discuss farms in #2), Luke and Nathaniel slept in the barn and Luke was my best friend. Priscilla and baby Florence spent most of their time in the house with our mother, while I worked in the fields with the boys.

What an over-active imagination I had as a child . . .

2) Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prarie books were my uttermost favorites growing up. I lost count how many times I've read them. As a result, I dreamed of living on a farm and growing up in the 1800s somewhere in the American Midwest. As a girl, I wore boots and long skirts as often as possible; my grandma even made me sunbonnets and petticoats. I still have a white petticoat she made me once, and I still wear it sometimes under my long denim skirt. Call me crazy, but I find it comfy. Like flannel sheets on a cold winter night. Ahem.

3) I rarely order anything off the menu. This used to drive Jason nuts. At fast food places, I almost always ask for something special, such as a #1 with no lettuce, tomato, or onion, please. At Taco Bell, it's a bean and cheese burrito with no onions, no red sauce, and extra cheese. Sometimes, I even order something not listed on the menu. Whenever I visit Starbucks I order a tall, iced Americano, decaf, with two Splenda. Pour it into a venti cup and fill it up with ice and water, please. :)

4) I would dearly love to see Paris some day. The Opera House, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace at Versailles. The list goes on. But I do have a list. And a dream. I just don't have the money.

5) Rock-climbing scares me. Seriously. My palms are already sweaty as I sit here typing the words "rock-climbing." I don't like heights. I don't like resting my weight on a mili-fraction of an inch of ledge while my body flails for footholds and handholds that I can't see. I tried to overcome my fear in college. Took a rock-climbing PE course. Didn't work. Half way through, found out I was pregnant with Caleb. Had the biggest grin on my face when I told the instructor my doctor said I couldn't climb any more. I couldn't risk falling and hurting the baby. Or, you know, myself. :)

6) I am a recovering World of Warcraft addict. It's been seven months since I last raided, farmed, 5-manned, or PVP-ed. On my honor. I haven't missed it too much, but Brewfest is killing me.

7) My infatuation with farms as a little girl evolved to include outdoors in general as I grew up. Edible plants, in particular. I became fasinated with the idea of living off the land, and educated myself on basic edible plant information. Based on those studies, one day I picked, dried, and ground up a bunch of rose petals into a kind of corse flour. Rose petals are edible, and I postulated that I could make pancakes out of said flour. Rose petal pancakes. That looks so much better on paper than in reality. In reality, I made myself sick and couldn't even sniff a rose for months after. You'd think I learned my lesson, but no. Later, I made myself sick again with fresh thyme, jelly, and cream cheese. Some people never learn.

8) I am running out of things to say. Just bein' honest. ;)

9) Growing up, I wanted to be married by 17 and have 8 children. Well, I married at 20 and now that I have a child, I think I may only want one more. Three, if I decide to live dangerously. Funny how experience can change your perspective.

10) I am known as Nicole to most, Cole to close friends, and Coley to a select few (mostly family members). My mom calls me Me-Me, and I call her the same thing. We don't know how this started, but it has stuck for years.

Well, whadda ya know? Thar's ten honest thangs about me. (Don't know where the accent came from . . . it's after midnight now, so maybe it comes with sleep deprivation). Night all and have yourselves a great Monday!


LeAnna said...

Rose petal pancakes?


I'm seriously laughing.

I would have been right there with you, though...so I can't laugh too much. Thyme jelly? Yep, we'd be jelly making together for sure. I was always making dog treats, though. Can't tell you how many times I ground dog food in my Mom's blender. Don't tell her, okay?

We would have so opened our own business. Rose petal pancakes and thyme jelly dog treats. We could have made it big, you never know. :)

These were fun to read! Thanks for participating. :)

Jennifer said...

I love Little House too! In fact, I record every episode on my DVR! I also wanted to be just like Laura. I had an old dress that I would wear, and ride my horse in. And some where I had gotten a bonnet. My siblings and I spent many hours playing Little House.

Mama Sue said...

Oh my! What wonderful memories! I almost cried laughing. I didn't realize you ate the ground up rose petals?! Thank you, me-me.