October 7, 2009

This is my real Wednesday life

And now for some never-before-seen photos of the office and living room! That's right! Be the first to view these treasures and partake of their beauty. But beware! The household's Mommy and Little Boy have been sick; these photos will not reflect the clean, idyllic setting the house usually enjoys (insert sarcastic laughter here).

Think Nicole keeps a perfectly clean house? Think again! Dear readers, I bring you:

My real Wednesday life
(click on the photos to enlarge them if you can't read the blurbs)

Yep, that's the state of my house right now! Clean? Nah. Lived in? Definitely.

Happy Wednesday!


Caroline said...

Your house looks perfectly normal to me. :)

Lindsay said...

Child - why are you letting him have a horse and letting him break a leg???????? Have I taught you nothing?

Nicole said...

"Letting him"??? There's a whole heap of things I don't "let" Caleb do. Doesn't mean he doesn't still do them. ;)

Yep, Caroline! That's our house most days! So I guess that makes it normal. :)

LeAnna said...

I knew I loved you for a reason!!! ;)