October 13, 2009

Just Another Tuesday

"This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24
We're heading out to the post office this morning to pick up a package from my mommy dearest and Harry the Happy. Then we're mailing two packages of our own, one headed for Pennsylvannia and one headed for California.
The weather is gloomy this morning. And COLD. Brrrrrrr. Rain's supposed to come our way tomorrow and Thursday, but so far it's dry outside. And cold. Did I mention that already?
Caleb and I cleaned his room this morning. I did most the "cleaning", but he did help me sweep. Sort of. His room gets dirty so fast, I don't even try to keep it clean. I have better things to do than continually pick up after my son and his 4,725 various plastic toys. But we're going to work on that. Maybe a quick clean-up session right before bedtime? I like that idea. We'll see how the idea likes Caleb.
Later, we going to attempt baking cookies together. I'm in such a mood to bake! Tomorrow is my day to bring snack to the women's bible study at church, so today I have an excuse to turn on the oven. I haven't decided what I'll make, but if it turns out yummy, maybe I'll take a picture and post it here.
Speaking of bible study, I'm waaaaaaay behind in my homework. A whole week behind. *lowers her head dolefully* We're stuyding Esther in a Beth Moore book and we'll begin chapter 5 tomorrow. BUT, I still haven't done the homework for chapter 4. Darn sickie germs! They threw off my whole groove last week.
Anyway, there's not really a point to this post. In case you were wondering. Just wanted to write a little blurb about what we're up to today, and to say that I'm rejoicing that God made THIS day and wrote it in His day planner long ago. Nothing takes Him by surprise and for that, I'm very grateful.
Happy Tuesday, ya'll!

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LeAnna said...

Amen, sister. Just wrote you a big long e-mail. It's dreary here today, too. I need to go to the post office, too. I want to bake, too. Et cetera.

Rejoicing with ya, anyway. :)