June 16, 2011

Sun in the Sand

My lips taste salty. And feeling is just now coming back to my toes. We've been to the beach this afternoon (and everywhere else today, for that matter).

The beach, Pacific Northwest-style. Where the water is 50 degrees and we only get wet up to our calves. But that doesn't stop us from having fun.

Splash! Squeal! Squelch!

Sand and water, water and sand. Friends who come to join in our cold, wet dance.

Here comes a wave, run! Duck! Ooooohhh, it gotcha! Here's a towel. Don't lose your flip-flops to the tide! :)

We're enjoying the firstfruits of summer vacation this week. Today alone we've gone hiking and shopping, played at McGolden Arches and the beach. Tuesday we were at the lake. Yesterday we went to the Dollar Store to spend birthday money from Grammie. :)

And Saturday we have a fabulous Half-Birthday Pirate Party planned for a certain four and a half year old. :)

Yep. Life is good. Summer is good. I'm lovin' the 16+ hours of daylight we get right now. Luxuriating in the sunshine, soaking up the good stuff.

Tomorrow I'll try to finish up our vacation pictures and stories, since I left y'all hanging with just one day left to go. :) Sorry about that.

Until tomorrow, then?

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Mama Sue said...

You could make money with your writing. I'm not joking.
Love, Mom