June 7, 2011

From the Island to the Foothills

So. We're home. Four days. 440 miles. We're a tired but happy bunch of adventurers tonight as we empty the car and begin the arduous task of unpacking. :)

We had such an incredible time, friends. Really and truly. The family time alone was precious. Never mind all the beautiful places and interesting sites we saw, too. I am literally dancing in my chair wanting to show you guys. What do you say? May I show you around the Cascade Loop?


Day One: Oak Harbor to Wallace Falls (1 hr. 50 min.)

First things first. The cabin. We camped in cabins this trip and let me just say, they were divine. Amazing. And so much less work than a tent. Have a look:

The outside. No set up work. Just unpack the car and you're good to go.

The inside: No air mattress that goes flat in the middle of the night. No rain that soaks everything you hold dear. Just a cozy little space that boasts electricity and heat. And windows. With curtains. I loved the curtains. Caleb loved the bunkbed and immediately staked out the top bunk for his own.

We were hooked after just one night. I'm not sure we'll ever go back to tents after this. We dun bin spoiled. :) But enough about the awesomeness of cabins. Let's move on to hiking.

{On the trail to the falls}

Wallace Falls is a popular hiking spot, we discovered. Loads of people made for a crowded parking lot and a crowded trail. But hike we did.

{The Wallace River, brisk and brimming with snow melt}

The temperature was somewhere between "Very Warm" and "Hey, It's Hot!" on Saturday. But after a quarter mile in the open sunshine, the trail dropped down into the trees to follow the Wallace River.

Every so often, the wind blew across the river and sent refreshingly cold air up into our faces.

Alas, we did not make it to the falls. A combination of a lack of drinking water and misreading the trail map kept us from our goal. No worries, though. We have waterfalls yet to see, and we won't be disappointed (stay tuned!).

On the trail back to the cabin, we caught glimpses of the mountains we would be crossing the next day.

Gorgeous and alluring and mysterious. Couldn't wait to see them.

Back at the cabin. Time for a little R & R. Reading Firebird by Kathy Tyers.

Then time for dinner. Cheeseburgers, watermelon, and chips. The new camp stove worked really well. Sure made meals much easier than camp fire cooking.

Then lights out. Caleb slept in his top bunk while Jason and I watched "Psych" on the lap top. Who says technology has no place in the great outdoors?

Overall, we think very highly of Wallace Falls and give it a strong thumbs up. We would like to go back, either as a day trip or on another camping excursion. Beautiful spot. Comfy cabin. Plenty to do.

Oh yeah. :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for The Waterfall, the trip over the mountains, and the bavarian Star Bucks we found on the other side!

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