June 9, 2011


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{Wenatchee. Lincoln Rock State Park. Day Three}

We are eager to be out of the desert. Have I mentioned we're not big desert fans? We break camp around 9:30am, the earliest we'll ever leave a cabin this trip, and head up North 97. We decide to skip a side trip to Lake Chelan in favor of greener landscapes and cooler temperatures. The scenery out the window goes from this . . .

. . . to this . . .

. . . to this in just a few hours. They call the Methow Valley "horse country" and I believe it. What I'm not quite prepared for, though, is how the Valley will charm its way into my heart and make me never want to leave.

We also pass the mighty Columbia River . . .

. . . and the muddy Methow as well. In fact, the Methow River keeps us company the last leg of our drive, weaving under the road several times only to pop out again to the left or the right of the highway. It's swollen with snow melt, but unlike Deception Falls, this river doesn't feel dangerous. In fact, I'd say it's probably pretty friendly when the rage of spring thaw subsides.

When we do finally arrive at Pearrygin Lake State Park, another river of an unexpected kind greets us:

Most of the tent sites and picnic areas are flooded. In what the park ranger calls "a legendary event", a local creek has overrun its banks and left an unbelievable trail of mud, rocks, and debris as it forges new channels to the lake below.

This is the road leading into and out of the park. Driving through it was an adventure!

Lucky for us, the cabins are untouched and still available. But the flood continues to flow, not fifty feet away, and the ranger visits several times throughout our stay to keep an eye on things. But more on that later . . .

We settle in and admire the views from the cabin door.

Pearrygin Lake, with north Cascades in the background.

Lovely, no?

Then we drive down the road to explore Winthrop.

Wooden sidewalks. Three-Fingered Jack's Saloon. Homemade ice cream.

What's not to love?

Pull up a saddle?

Don't mind if I do!

Caleb, too. He's practicing to be a cowboy.

The air is warm, but not hot. The pine trees, dust, and Methow River (which flows through the town) all the give the air a subtley spicy, earthly smell. I love it.


I dig the whole sexy cowgirl look. It's not my look, but it could be.

Oh yes, it could. :)

Tired and a bit hot, we head back to the cabin to cool off in the lake.

Which turns into a water fight. Of course.

Caleb takes the most hits. But then, he doesn't complain much.

Then we decide to have another look at the muddy flood.

The water isn't deep, but boy it's cold! Caleb walks through it with his water shoes, but Mommy braves it barefoot and Daddy soon follows suit.

We're blown away by the amount of water. And the amount of mud.

This poor picnic table! It never stood a chance!

The gate in the background used to open out onto a path. Now it's a stream. Once again, we find ourselves witnessing the pervasive and relentless power of water. Seems to be a theme on this trip.

We find a spot where the mud has dried. Caleb decides he likes the feel of the dried clay-sand-mud and plops himself down to play.

But Mommy and Daddy prefer the semi-wet stuff.

It's pillowy soft under my feet and smells faintly of wet concrete. It oozes and massages as I rub my toes in it. Ahhhhhh!


Squishy squish squish!

Clay and silt, mixed in perfect proportion to create a most delicious mud!

I beg Jason to let me bring some home, but he says no. :)

The sun sets on a happy family. We've gone west together, explored together, played in the mud together.

I call that a good day. And of the four we spend on the Loop, today is by far my favorite.


Mama sue said...

You would look adorable in that dress!!! Wish I could get it for you. :)

Norma said...

That sure is a beautiful dress! And the scenery looks fantastic!

Nicole said...

Hi Norma! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Yeah, Winthrop was our favorite place and we'd really like to go back and spend several days there instead of just one. :)