October 7, 2008

Whaddaya know? I have triceps!

Well. Well.


Remember when I posted my overwhelming joy at going to the gym back in June? Oh yes, I was so excited. Visions of toned muscles and old clothes that fit again danced in my head. I was on a roll, going two nights a week and once on the weekend.

(Moment of honesty here: I planned to go once during the weekend, but I think I only did that once. Total.)

Well that was, oh let's see, four months ago?

*Insert nervous giggle here*

Yeah, my big visions never happened. I got sick one week. We went on vacation another week. Caleb refused to stay in the Kid's Klub, no matter what I tried. Then came my part-time job. No more nightly trips to LA Fitness for me. Not unless I wanted to teach English to six hyper-active junior highers while running a treadmill. Ha.

Cancelling my membership started to look like my only option. Then I talked to Jason and we decided I should give it one more try. Or rather, we should let Caleb give it one more try.

So I did. Yesterday. And . . .

. . . my kid actually stayed in the kids area THE WHOLE TIME!!! I got through my entire routine without one call over the loudspeaker. This was a huge answer to prayer, friends. Huge. My son, for whatever reason, had decided that LA Fitness was Hades itself. You'd think with all the toys and blocks and cars there that he'd find something to do for an hour. But no. I usually didn't get through ten minutes before:

"Attention all LA Fitness members. Would Miz Neuhauser please come to the kids klub and pick up her emotionally-shattered son?"

So. When he stayed the whole hour yesterday, I practically jumped up and down singing my Hallalujas to Jesus for keeping my son busy, and more importantly, happy. As I said, huge answer to prayer. =)

But then I woke up this morning . . .

I guess I really do have triceps. They're screaming their existence loud and clear today, along with my deltoids, rhomboids, and other 'oids I don't even know the names of.

Major owwie time.

'Course, that didn't stop me from going back today to work my legs and thighs. =) Tomorrow they can commiserate together with my arms and shoulders about how badly I abuse them.

And Caleb? Today was a little rougher, but we got through it. Hopefully, hopefully he'll acclimate. Because, ya know, I like knowing my muscles are really there.


Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Yay for you! Glad to hear you're motivated. :D Anymore, I can't NOT work out or I feel icky. Hoping Caleb decides to like the gym, too!

La Petite Maison said...

Well, you know the old adage: No pain, no gain! I'm glad that you are not giving up your exercise regimen.