January 13, 2009

For Two Ladies Dear to My Heart

Today, friends, I'm asking ya'll for prayers for this lady here:

(uh, the one on the left).

This is my Grandma. She was born in 1921. Isn't that crazy?! She's seen so much of the 20th century; the radio, the television, the automobile, the computer. She even participated in WWII in the Coast Guard.

And she needs your prayers. Grandma fell the night before New Years Eve and broke her hip.

She was in the hospital, had surgery, and is now in a rehab/recovery place. She's doing ok... she wants to go home, though. And the problem is, she can't because she can't walk yet. The doctors aren't sure if she will heal sufficiently to go home and be able to take care of herself.

So please keep her in your prayers; pray that Jesus will keep her spirits up.

Also, please be praying for this lady:

This is my Mom (taken when Caleb was about 3 months old)

With my Grandma needing lots of medical attention and care, my mother is up to her earlobes in MediCal, MediCare, and Veteran benefits paperwork. She is trying to find a more permanent place for Grandma to stay, but one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. either. She kinda likes her arms and legs right where they are.

My Mom lost her dad (my Grandpa) last April. She also works full time and doesn't have a ton of sick/vaca days with which to deal with all the medical and financial issues now raining down. So if you could say a prayer for her, too, I'd love you eternally. Well, you know what I mean. ;) My poor mama's dealing with a lot right now, and I can see the strain on her face and hear it in her voice every time we talk.

Thanks so much, friends. I aper-shee-ate it.


LeAnna said...

Aw, I'll be praying for them both, that the Lord will administer healing and comfort, and that your Mom will have ease with all the paperwork and financial aspects!

Natalie Jackson said...

I was just thinking about you. I miss you.

Natalie Jackson said...

Wanted to tell you that I miss and love you.
Trust in Jesus.