January 7, 2009

Today Was a Good Day to Be Mommy

On days like today, I remember why I love being a Mom so much. ;)

(Hey, if I want to write a rebuttle to my own post, that's my business, alright?)

After a long conversation with Jason last night, and two other long conversations with the Lord (last night and this morning), I ushered Caleb from his bedroom today ready for anything.

Common kid, give me your best shot! I can take it, I'm ready!

We started our day with a trip to the lake.

Because, as Jason pointed out to me last night, Caleb does better when he's had a chance to run around. Well today, he certainly did. We hiked around the small end of the lake, saying hello to the dogs and owners who jogged past us. Then we settled down away from the trail and Caleb began the very serious business of throwing every rock he could find into the lake. Daddy taught him this over Christmas break; it's his new favorite hobby. Every rock must be found; every rock must go in. This is the law upon which the universe is founded, and Caleb was doing his part.

I thought to myself Surely, he'll get bored in about ten minutes. His attention span doesn't last that long, not even with marbles and playdough.

So I sat down and waited for the boredom to come. I started to toss rocks in the lake with my son. He grinned and laughed every time he heard the "plop!" and saw the ripples. The morning was gorgeous. Sunny, blue skies, about 70 degrees out. The birds sang. Literally!

And you know what? I started to enjoy myself.

And I started thinking... who really cares if my desk doesn't get cleared off today? Who's really gonna notice if my kitchen floor isn't mopped? What's really more important here? That I get cleaning done (which will just have to be done again in a day or a week)? Or that I put my son and his needs first?

45 minutes later found us heading back up the trail toward the car. I had a really hard time pursuading Caleb that we couldn't just stay at the lake all day long. In fact, I had to half carry, half drag my son away from the lake and his beloved rocks.

But Mom! I'm sure he was thinking. I haven't put all the rocks in the water! I can't leave yet! The order of the cosmos must be balanced! You're putting us all in danger with your silly ideas about having to go home for lunch. I can eat dirt!

But home we went. I can be very persuasive.

And you know what? He slept today. He napped. For two hours. Saints be praised! I said in my best Irish accent. The boy sleeps!

Oh, and this is my favorite part. After nap time? We made chocolate chip cookies together. =) He helped. He really did! He cracked the egg, dumped the sugars in, stirred with the wooden spoon, sampled the dough (taste checker is a VERY important job, after all). My mommy heart was all 'a flutter.

I still can't believe he's helping me cook. And he likes it! He really really likes it! If he can't help, he wants to watch. And I do my best to explain everything to him.

*Sniff sniff* My baby's growin' up!

Here are the results of our joint venture:

Mmmmmmm, and boy they taste even better than they look! Maybe I'll take some to class with me tonight. Mabye. If they're not all gone by then. AHEM.

All this is to say, we had a pretty perfect day today. And, as I pointed out last night, those difficult times DO come, but they also DO pass. Then they fade. What you'll remember most years from now are the days like today.

I wouldn't trade this for the world, bad times and good.

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LeAnna said...

Okay, I'm jotting all this down so I remember it in the future. ;)
You have noooo idea how encouraging it is to me that your son helped you make cookies. I have this deep dark fear that because I'm having a boy first, that he'll have no interest whatsoever in learning how to cook, and that is one of my favorite things to do.
Now I know there's hope! I'm also kinda glad my hubby is self employed and when our baby gets old enough I can just pack him up and hand him a plastic hammer and send him to work with his Dad.

HA! If it were only that easy. :)

The cookies look yummeh!