January 11, 2009

Silly Thoughts With Nicole

*Inspired by Silly Songs with Larry*

Have you ever noticed how entertaining an advertisement can be? Here's what my shampuu bottle has to say about it's product:

"Greasy roots? Frazzled ends? Bad credit? No problem! Just use this!"

I wonder if Aussie has ever been sued for false advertising . . .

This has been Silly Thoughts With Nicole. Tune in next week to hear Nicole say:

"Huh? The back of the bottle says 'Rinse well and prosper.' Whaddya know? It's a Vulcan shampuu!"


LeAnna said...

LOL! If I wasn't waddling like a duck, I'd go check my bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and see if it has anything quirky to say. Unfortunately I'm not that ambitious at the moment.

I personally find the Dove chocolate foil wrapper things that are full of often inappropriate suggestions like "Seduce yourself today" and the like to be eye-roll worthy. I mean, really...when a chocolate company resorts to self-help messages on their wrappers you hafta wonder where the world is headed...

Linds said...

Hey -
Do I really want to know what induced "Silly THoughts with Nicole"? Was it just one of those days?

Love ya!