January 6, 2009

Toddler For Sale

On days like today, I wonder why I ever wanted to be a parent.

Ooo, I know I just got on somebody's "bad mothers" list, but I'm all about being honest here. And honestly? How the heck do mothers of two year olds survive?

How do children survive the toddler years?

Willing to buy that secret. Yes I am.

No naps. Not yesterday and not today either. We're just gonna party alllllll day long. And push screens out of windows. And pull craft boxes out of closets. And spill juice (on purpose) all over the table. And stuff toys inside the diaper pail.

"Now Nicole," my rational, logical side says. "He's not always like this. You really do love being a mom. Remember? Remember how he smiles and laughs and helped you make dinner last night?"

Yeah. I remember. A distant memory far, far away. Growing dimmer by the minute.

It's just been one of those days. One of those days. I instant messaged a friend earlier and said "Know anyone who wants to buy a two year old? I got one for sale!"

I was only half joking.

But walks are wonderful things. And we took a looooooong one this afternoon. After which I felt much more sane and more like a mommy should feel toward her offspring. And he's still alive, which must count for something.

Let me warn all you people out there who have ambitions to be parents: you aren't always going to love it. I thought I would. Ha. I know myself better now.

But those moments when you don't love it? They pass. Thank the Lord Almighty, they pass.

Otherwise, I think the human race would have died out long ago.

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