April 20, 2009


I'm posting today because I said I would, not because I feel like it.

Briefly put, Jason didn't get the job. We're feeling a bit stung by this, since he went through three interviews, and after the one on Friday, they asked him for his references. He worked hard all weekend contacting his old boss and manager, and they wrote him really nice reviews. But all for naught, apparently. Grrrrrr.

We're waiting for a miracle now. We need one. Please keep us in your prayers.


Natalie Jackson said...

I am really sorry. I know God has something for you guys.

LeAnna said...

I'm sorry to hear this, girl. :/ We'll keep on praying, though! God is faithful to finish what He has started in our lives. Hugs!

Lindsay said...

i'm sorry, little sis. Sometimes what seems like it would be the perfect job may not be. God's got a plan for you. Hang in there. If you want to talk, give me a buzz. I promise my phone will be turned up. =)

La Petite Maison said...

Darn! I was thinking about you guys, really hopeful. I'm sorry that the outcome wasn't in your favor. But let's continue to hope and pray for God to open doors elsewhere. See you tonight!