April 17, 2009

Waiting Quietly This Friday Afternoon

Today is warmer than yesterday. Warm enough for me to rethink the jeans I'm wearing. Shorts sound so much better.

I sit at the computer (obviously). The dishwasher hums in my ears. Caleb sleeps quietly in his room, hopefully sleeping away the fever he woke up with this morning. All the windows are open, welcoming in Spring. My kitchen is clean. (Except for the floors. If you happen to stop by this afternoon, please do not look at the floors. I'd really appreciate it. I have an image to maintain).

I'm wondering what I should make for dinner. That cheddar potato chowder recipe I've been wanting to try? Or maybe something a little easier. I have leftover shredded beef in the fridge. Mmmm, the possibilities of shredded beef!

I'm also listening. Intently. Listening intently for the purr of our Chevy Cavalier. Jason drove it to his interview earlier today. After two hours, he still isn't home, and he doesn't have the cell phone with him. If he gets the job, I won't know till he drives into the parking lot. If he doesn't, well, same situation.

I did some math while I was cleaning, and I figured this is the longest Jason's been away from home since he lost his job in February. The house feels a bit empty without him; at the same time, there's something familiar about his absence.

This is how life used to be, isn't it? Ah, yes. I remember. Quiet afternoons spent alone while Caleb naps. Reading books. Doing dishes. Planning dinner. Waiting for hubby to come home from work.

I remember this life. Even if I haven't lived it for two months. Maybe making the transition back to employment won't be as hard as I thought.

Hello, old friend. Stop and stay a while. :)

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