April 17, 2009

So We Wait a Little More

Hey ya'll! Just wanted to let you know that Jason's interview went well, but the company isn't announcing their decision until Monday. =p So I will post something here Monday to let you guys know what happens.

In other news, Caleb has been running a fever all day (it was 101.5 when we last checked), so if you could pray for him, I'd appreciate it. We don't have insurrance at the moment, so that kinda complicates things. He's still got his appetite, though, so he musn't be feeling too poorly. :)

Thanks, everyone. Have a great Friday night!


Natalie Jackson said...

I am glad that the interview went well. I called this afternoon, but you were doing laundry. I will be praying for Caleb

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Oh goodness, so much waiting! Praying for all of you this weekend. Love you!

LeAnna said...

Yay, so glad the interview went good! We'll be praying your little guy feels better soon. :)