April 8, 2009

I Like Alternate Universes

In an alternate universe, my week would have passed very differently.

I would have taken Caleb to his speech group yesterday and had a meeting with our case worker while Caleb played with Miss Kimberly and the other children. I would have gone to work yesterday afternoon to tutor for a couple of hours; never mind the students are on Spring Break. I don't think Korea's ever heard of giving children a chance to just rest and play.

In an alternate universe, I would have attended our church's craft night last night with Allyl and gone to the park with Amy and her two boys this morning. I would have tutored again this afternoon, probably with a movie and a question sheet since I don't think kids should have to work hard during their vacations. ;)

But God (and my body, it seems) have had different plans and I didn't get to do any of those things. Instead, I've been in bed (or the bathroom) since Monday night, fighting off the worst flu bug I've seen in a while. I'll spare ya'll the gritty details :), but suffice it to say, I've been knocked flat on my back. Literally.

So instead of going places and seeing people, being the busy bee I so love to be, I've been watching movies, sleeping lots, and working my way through the third book in the Annals of the Chosen series. Oh, and losing weight on the Flu Bug, can't-keep-anything-down-so-why-bother-eating diet. It's amazing, let me tell you! I'm thinking of writing a book.

Obviously, I'm feeling better today or else I wouldn't be blogging. I could barely even read at all yesterday because printed words brought on waves of nausea. (The same thing happened when I was pregnant and had morning sickness; I couldn't read my bible, or anything else, for several weeks because it just made me sick. Go figure.)

But even though I'm feeling better today, I'm still staying in bed for various reasons. It's kinda peaceful, just resting. There's really nothing else I can do, because I haven't recovered much strength back to be doing anything. I must rest, because I don't have much other choice. I have to wonder if God planned it that way.

I'm not one to rest much in general. I'm an On The Go kind of girl. I like to pack things in, plan too much, over-achieve. Just ask Jason. I drive him nuts with it sometimes. Over the years, though, God has taught me to relax just a little and not try to be Super Woman every day of my life. Jason's helped a lot, too, with his easy-going, laid back, carefree ways. Funny how opposites attract, huh? Funny how God shapes us and our spouses to fit each other exactly.

So when I find myself sick and all my plans have changed, I often wonder if it's God's way of telling me to slow down and take it easy for a while.

Hmmm, maybe taking time off now and then isn't such a bad idea? Maybe one day I'll be mature enough to actually take time off instead of waiting to get sick to do it.

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LeAnna said...

Aww, I just left you a message on facebook asking how you were. I'm sorry you've gotten the flu bug, that's terrible. You need to find a health food store and pick up some acidophilus or a probiotic (get the refrigerated kind, it's the best) it will help you get all the good bacteria back into your intestines. I'm a bit of an acidophilus fanatic. I've taken it for years and haven't had the stomach flu in 4 years or more. (Dear Flu Bug, that is NOT an invitation.) I hope you feel better soon! Rest while you can, maybe you'll pick up a new habit. ;)