April 1, 2009

It Lives!

Hurray! It lives!

We had a few hairy moments there yesterday when Blogger decided to hate me. But we kissed and made up, and I'm oh-so-happy with the results!!!

A big thank-you to LeAnna for showing me how to keep my background "static." :)

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Ashleigh!!! (Today is the right day, right?? Just kidding, just kidding ;)

1 comment:

LeAnna said...

I yike it awwot! The colors are very summer-like and make me want an orange julias. :) Yuuummmm....

I need to get me one of those scrap booking programs you spoke of. I hear that's how a lot of blog backgrounds are made. Not that making blog backgrounds from scratch and newborns are conducive. Or is that the other way around?? :)