August 5, 2009

Amendment to My Previous Post and New House Tour pt. 3

My earlier post about Caleb's Great Poop Escapade was only half of the story; I apologize for this half-story style of reporting. I've been trained better than that. But in my own defense, I myself didn't know the whole story when I wrote last. Now I do. So here's the other half, hot off the press.

Caleb wasn't entirely responsible for his, ahem, messes. See, last week I started him on some new children's vitamins. And they didn't agree with him. Oh, he loved chewing on his gummy bears . . . but rather than replentish his system with healthy nutrients, they acted like a laxative.
We were up to four poopy diapers a day before I figured this out. But I've since discontinued said vitamin regime, and Caleb's, ahem, schedule, is returning to normal. His habit of playing with poo seems to be abating as well since, you know, there isn't so much of it on hand anymore. We are all very happy about this.

I wish I could say the same for naps. After several days of trying this no nap thing, I'm about ready to throw in the towel. No naps no worky worky. For either of us. Somewhere around 3pm, Caleb gets extremely cranky and wild. He passes out around 7:30, but that means he's up with the sun. And here in the Pacific Northwest, that's quite early. Grrrrrrr.

Not to mention the Mommy is pretty tuckered out by 3pm, too. Double Grrrrrrr.

So we're amending this no nap idea. I may not put him in his room every day, but on the days I do, I will put it off until later, maybe 2:30 -ish. See if we can't squeeze in some sleepy time before dinner. That will mean a later bedtime and hopefully, hopefully a later wake-up-in-the-morning time. I will let ya'll know how that goes.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to present to you The Laundry Room!!! It is downstairs, sandwiched between our den/playroom and the other two bedrooms. It is also, quite possibly, my favorite room in the house. :)

I l.o.v.e having my own washer and dryer. When I see them, I just want to curl up and purr.

Excuse my curtain-less windows once again. They're on my To-Do list.

We're calling it our laundry & utility room, since we're storing all Jason's tools down here, too.

One very handy room to have.

And since the den is right next door, I can pile all the clean clothes on the floor and watch Netflix while I fold 'em!

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LeAnna said...

Wow, Momma's are poop sleuths, who'da thunk it? I hope and pray he starts napping for you. I have a 7:30/8 p.m sleeper - hiney crack of dawn waker so I know that pain.

I love your wash room, it's so roomy and big! One day, I'ma gunna have a huge laundry room. And when I do, we'll see if any purring occurs. (Woot woot on having your own washer and dryer!)