August 2, 2009

Why I Haven't Been Blogging Much & New House Tour, pt. 1

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday to you! I know I haven't made many appearances in Bloggie World this week . . . or Facebook World . . . or even Email World. Maybe I should just say I haven't been on the internet much in general. Not for lack of trying, though.

I have tried to sit down and type out a post several times this week. My words just won't come. When I sit down to blog, I do my darndest to be real with ya'll and that makes me a leetle tiny bit vulnerable. That may sound silly, considering this blog is public and anyone who wants can view it. Nevertheless, I don't think about hordes of nameless people when I write; I think about Natalie and Heather and Ashleigh and Jennifer and Lindsay and LeAnna and Allyl and Mom and my many other friends and family who read this.

And if I were completely honest, I'd tell ya I haven't felt like being vulnerable much lately. The truth is, I absolutely love love LOVE our new home. I can't even tell you just how much. God put an extra special beauty into the Pacific Northwest when He created it. I can hardly breathe when I drive the 20 toward Deception Pass, it's so gorgeous.

But, the truth is I'm also missing San Diego muchly. I miss my friends. I miss my family. I miss the comfort that comes from having a familiar routine and having all sorts of restaurants and stores at my finger tips. In a word, we're in transition. Lots of changes. Lots of new stuff. Good stuff, but new, different, and maybe just a leetle uncomfortable.

I'm sharing all this to ask ya'll for grace if I tend to be absent from the World Wide Web more than usual these next few weeks.

I probably won't be super absent, becaue I have three posts floating around my head that I really really want to get written down. But just in case, I wanted to give ya'll the heads up. :)

And now, for some pictures!!! I've decided to give you the grand tour of our new home in stages, since only certain parts of the house are unpacked and fit to be seen. ;) Below are pictures of Caleb's new playroom. It's adjoined to our office/den in the downstairs part of the house.

An overall view of the "room." The window looks out on the backyard.

The toybox Nana and Grandpa bought him. And a storage shelf for all the toys/art & craft supplies/books/ not currently in use. I *heart* this shelf. :)

The room still has some work. I want to put up a few stuffed animals and colorful picture frames on this window ledge. No, the poker chips are NOT a part of Caleb's playroom. Just haven't found a home for them yet. ;)

The tent we got Caleb last Christmas. Perfect for a playroom, cuz it's so big!

That's about it for this Sunday edition of The Inkwell. :) See ya'll later.


LeAnna said...

Oh, girl, do I know what you mean about not wanting to be vulnerable. Some days you just want to curl up like an armadillo and put a sign out on your awesomely bright metallic shell that nobody is home, at least mentally anyway. ;) Ever have days when you just don't want to think too hard? (If I raise my hand do I get a cookie?) *sigh*
I'm sorry you're missing your old familiarity, not because you shouldn't but just because you are. You've only done a MAJOR relocation, ya know. That takes time to digest, and adjust to, and all that. Love the play room. That shelf is awesome!!
Praying for you, girl! Praying for grace, peace, and a whole lotta goodness for you and yours. (I need your address so I can send you sumpin'!) <3 ya!

Heather said...

aww I love the pictures, I'm excited to see more! Transitions are difficult, especially so many at once. I'm so glad that the house thing turned out so well! -Heather

Jennifer said...

Loved the play room! I can't wait to see the rest of the house!

Mama Sue said...

Hi Nicolee,oh-my,what a great blog you write my dear.
What a scrumptious and adorable young lad you have,my-dear.
What a loving,faithful and absolutely amazing God we have,
It sounds like Jesus lives with
I can't wait to see your home & your beautiful eyes and Jay's love for you & I can't wait to hear Caleb say,"mamma".
Love,Harry,the,Happy :),:),;) ...