August 17, 2009

The Guest Room and Other News

I'm hiding out in the livingroom, hoping Caleb will go back to sleep. He's napped; just not long enough. If I'm very very quiet, can I pretend I can't hear him???

Seriously, I shouldn't complain. After the Great Nap & Diaper Disaster, Caleb did, in fact, return to a normal nap routine. For which I was, and am, very grateful. He misses a nap maybe once a week, but those other six days? Golden.


In other news, the house is coming together! Boxes still lurk in certain corners but the majority of the unpacking is done. Whew! The new project is the Guest Room. If any of you read The Pioneer Woman, the Guest Room has become my personal mini-Lodge adventure. :)

I found curtains at the thrift store this morning. I have pictures picked out for the walls. My hope chest will live in there, as will Jason's old dresser. The only major item we're missing is a bed. But hopefully we'll have one of those soon, too. Because . . . BECAUSE . . .

Mom and Harry are coming to visit us next month!!! We're just a little excited, lemme tell ya. We're planning all sorts of fun ventures that week, which I will fill ya'll in later. But they must have a place to sleep. Must. After all, what's a guest room without a bed? (Well, right now it's just one big messy storage room. That's what.)

We have plenty of guests lined up in the coming months, so this room will see plenty of use. My friend Heather plans to spend Thanksgiving with us, then Mom and Harry will come again for Christmas. I love entertaining, and I love company. Now we have a spare room; and I get to organize, create, and decorate!

I will take step-by-step pictures as I go and post them here. If ya'll have any ideas, feel free to share 'em!

Barbarian Boy is chanting in his room. Guess that means I should get off the couch and release him from his den. At least his father, Barbarian Man, will be home in an hour. And the sun is shining. And I have fresh baked cookies sent to me by my mother.

Think I'll go count my blessings instead of the minutes Caleb didn't sleep. Happy Monday!


kevswifey said...

Fun! I love decorating I just don't ever have the time or money to do it! haha!

Linds said...

uh, you forgot us!! granted, we're coming next year, but doesn't that warrent a mention? I think we'll be some of the most distant travellers you'll have....

Nicole said...

My humblest apologies, big sister. I did not forget you. You do indeed warrent a mention!

I wasn't, however, sure whether or not you guys were planning to stay with us or in a hotel. You're always welcome here, of course, but I wasn't sure what you guys wanted to do. Either way is fine with us! :)

'Course staying with us will save ya'll some money. ;)

LeAnna said...

I love house decorating challenges! It's so fun to find thrifty stuff to work with, I'm all about thrift. Hopefully you can find a bed soon. Have a blast with your family! There is a letter in the mail on it's way to you, and an e-mail in my head, on it's way...somewhere, just haven't gotten it there yet. :D Have a great day, girl!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun! I love projects and company!