August 19, 2009

Photo of the Week

A Hike With a View
Forest Discovery Trail, South Whidbey State Park

Sunday afternoon. Warm air with a tinge of cool. A breeze brushes our sweaty faces as the salty ocean smell rises to meet us. The water swirls right below our trail, perhaps two hundred feet down. A barge chugs southward down Admiraltry Inlet. In the distance, the Olympic mountains rise tall and proud in the August sunshine. We'll be visiting those mountains next month with Mom and Harry. I can hardly wait.

Truly wonderous how one picture can capture so much. Happy Wednesday, y'all!


kevswifey said...

it's beautiful! breathtaking!

LeAnna said...

GORGEOUS! I think I need a vacation to your house. :) Gotta e-mail in the works for you. But my eyes are burning, and I must jot it all down after I reach my blessed (albeit broken) 6 hours of sleep tonight.