August 3, 2009

In Which the Toddler Declared the Abolition of Naptimes & The House Tour pt. 2

I kinda like typing long titles for my posts; this might be a new trend around here. :)

Caleb has decided, at the ripe old age of two and a half, that naptimes are no longer necessary. Doncha just love it when your kids make decisions like that? *giggles nervously to herself* Last week, we had our own private World War. Battle lines were drawn at the bedroom door every afternoon. My manifesto was a mandatory two hour naptime for all people under the age of three (and maybe a voluntary one for older folks, too ;).

Caleb didn't like my manifesto. Not one tiny bit. His method of retaliation? Poop. Lots and lots of it. Every. single. afternoon. I'd stick him in his room and half hour later . . . Phew!

After an exhausting week, many tearful conversations with Jason, and a ton of prayer, we decided to let him stay up in the afternoons and just put him to bed earlier in the evening. We figured his battery of poo was his way of communicating with us that he doesn't need (or want) naps anymore.

Looking back over the last three months, we realized he's started weening himself of naps long before last week. We were just too busy with, you know, MOVING, to see it. So this didn't come as a complete shock. Nor did it come quite as abruptly as it sounds.

See, he napped yesterday. Quite by mistake. ;) Fell asleep in the car on our way to Ft. Ebey. Slept all the way home and for another 45 minutes in his bed once we got there.

So I guess naps aren't totally abolished. Just mostly abolished. Except when the little man can't help himself. :)

Yet another transition for our family. *shrugs shoulders* Hey, I think I'm getting pretty good at this transition thing. (Don't quote me on that, please. And don't ask me tomorrow or next week how good I am at transitions. I might just break down and cry on the keyboard. And that would be bad. Really bad. ;).

And now for the House Tour Part 2: The Kitchen!!!

The kitchen is upstairs in the middle of the top floor. I got it decently cleaned today, although I still need to hang a curtain in the window. Please excuse my curtain-less kitchen window, mkay? Thanks.

Peering through the doorway (from the hall) into the kitchen.

A better view.

Turning to see the rest . . .

. . . well, there ya have it! Except for . . .

. . . the bar/island/lots and lots of extra counter space. My in-laws gave us the bar stools. Caleb loves eating on them. So do I. :) And I love this wonderful big wide open space to work on. Which leads me to my second favorite part of the kitchen . . .

. . . these two shelves in the pantry!! All my baking goodies live here, waiting to be made into Mmm Mmm Goodness. Red Velvet cookie sandwiches, anyone? Peanut butter brownies? Double Chocolate Amish Friendship Bread? I could look at these shelves for hours. Excuse me while I drool.

Well that's the kitchen! And now I must leave my computery den and return thence, because Helen is coming over for dinner and meatloaf takes a while to cook. Be glad you saw these pictures now because the kitchen won't look that clean much longer!! :)


Linds said...

Oh my gosh, Nicole, what a great kitchen!!!! You have been so blessed with this house!!! I cannot wait to come out next summer to see this place!

LeAnna said...

Love all that space in the kitchen, and the bar is awesome! Hey, I wanna come over and bake shtuff wiff yew. SNIFF SNIFF.

I can't bare the thought of NO naptime. No, no, I can't. I won't . I shan't. I willin't. I hope he returns to his regular naptime program for you. But, if not, I'll be praying for heaps and heaps of patience. :)

Jennifer said...

I love your kitchen!!!

I'm with LeAnna, the thought of no naptime makes me verrrry sad!