May 4, 2011

Lovlies All Around

I'm really excited tonight because this lovely lady is coming to see us tomorrow.

{ My mama }

Caleb is watching Blue's Clues and I wanted to blog tonight because I probably won't blog much over the next few days. :) Mom and I are going to be terribly busy while she's here. We have coffee houses to explore, trails to hike, conversations to have . . . you get the picture. :) It is Mother's Day, after all. And I feel especially blessed that I get to spend it with her She isn't just my mom; she's one of my bestest friends. And I wuv her.

{ Ok, I'm done now. I promise. No more mushy stuff. }

I'm also excited tonight because I found some beautiful bowls at the thrift store yesterday and I want you to see!

Confession: These did not come from the thrift store. The green and blue actually came from Wal-Mart. They have a new line of dishes out; same pattern, but in every color of the rainbow. Blue, black, brown, green, orange, red, yellow, and white. They are available in individual pieces, so you can mix and match to your heart's delight. Which is exactly what I did yesterday. Squeeeeeee! Plus, they were only $1.50 each. :)

Excuse me while I do the happy dance. . .

. . . nope, not done yet . . .

. . . ok, now I'm good!

The backstory here is that I've been looking for new dishes for several years. I never registered for dishes when we got married, so basically we've been stuck with Jason's bachelor set. I'm also extraordinarily picky when it comes to dishes, so even though I've been looking for years, I've only found two or three patterns that I actually like. And those were always too expensive.

Last summer I finally ditched the whole single-pattern-everything-matches idea and decided to go with a general theme and color scheme instead. That allows me to mix and match as I find things and as I can afford them.

And honestly, I like the fact that my dishes don't match. It adds character and variety to the dining table and gives us something to talk about with guests. :)

So without any further ado, here are the bowls from the thrift store!

I love these. They are the color of organic chicken eggs, and they're even speckled like eggs, too, although you can't really see the speckles here. Speckles totally rock. Just so ya know.

I also found two of these: tiny fruit or dessert bowls. Perfect for serving ice cream. Obviously two is not enough, but eventually I'll find more. :)

Here's the bowls, showing off their acrobatic skill. (Or was that me, trying to be photographically crafty? Nah.) In any case, I think we all failed. :)

I also found this bread plate. It's small, but isn't it lovely? So artistic and detailed! I love the ship pictured in the middle. I find I am beginning to love all things sea-related. Perhaps that comes from living on an island? Regardless, I fell in love with this plate and it came home with me. End of story.

So now I'm curious. Do you have any opinions on dinnerware? Do you like everything to match? Do you have a favorite color or theme? I'd like to know!

See y'all next week! I promise California pictures and stories then! (Finally!!). Plus some other catching up I have to do . . . :) Stay tuned!


La Petite Maison said...

My taste tends to run eclectic, so I was never for matchy-matchy. The worst offender has got to be matching bedroom sets; ugh! Anyway, I have a few sets of diningware that I mix and match: vintage, Martha Stewart, Dansk, and Asian modern. Somehow it all works! :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for writing back, Allyl! Isn't mixing and matching fun? I would love to see pics of your dishes. I bet they're beautiful.

When I was younger, I wanted everything to match. But now I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty that comes from difference and non-conformity. :)

Miss you, friend! Let's talk soon, ok?