May 11, 2011

What I Do When I'm Sick

(besides watching TV, that is)

(because I do a lot of that when I'm sick, too)

Mom left yesterday and this morning, I woke up with whatever bug Jason had last week. Joy. I have two days till our church's Women's Retreat, so I took the day off to rest and GET BETTER. Caleb watched lots of cartoons while I sacked out on the couch, but when that got old, we went downstairs.

He played with toys and so did I. :)

Here's some of the fruits of my labor. My restful, sitting-down "labor."

These are just the first two pages. I have two more to do for this set, but I am very pleased with how these turned out. :) Made me miss teaching. And Korean lessons.

An-yung, y'all!

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mama sue said...

So sorry you got the bug. Miss you already. Love, Mom