May 28, 2011

Egypt and Rag Rugs

I was sorting through coupons the other day when Caleb came bounding into the kitchen.

"Where Daddy go?" he asked. He asks this question often. Most every day, in fact.

"Daddy's at work, little boy," I replied, as I usually do. Most every day, in fact.

Caleb thought about this for a moment, then announced grandly:

"Nope. Daddy went to Egypt."

I looked up from my coupons. "Oh?" This was a new development.

"Are you sure Daddy went to Egypt, Caleb? That's awfully far away."

"Yes. Daddy went to Egypt to get a mummy!"

I had to laugh. Apparently I married Indianna Jones and didn't even know it. :)

In other news, I did actually finish Caleb's rug the other night. As promised, I also took a picture of it. But you promised not to laugh. Remember that please. I haz a fragile ego.

(Ok, not really. You can laugh if you want. I sure did :)

As you can see, it's no longer a semi-circle. I suppose it could be 1/3 of a circle. Or the dancing skirt, as I call it. But no matter the shape, it is finished. It's warm and soft, and Caleb likes it, so hey, it's all good. Right?

Right. ;)

Happy Weekend, all!


Mamasue said...

I love it! It's way cool, me-me. Even if it looks like a skirt! It's unique and that is O.K.!
When is Jason coming back from Egypt? May I send him a postcard?
Love, Mom

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

I love him!! So adorable!

Also? You. I miss you. Mucho.

Nicole said...

Sure Mom! Feel free to send him a postcard next time he travels overseas. :) Can't wait for July!

Ash? I miss you, too. Heaps. We need a good chat, methinks. :)