May 26, 2011

Weather or Not

I am quite determined to finish Caleb's rag rug tonight. I worked on it over the weekend, and it's almost there.

And yet I find myself here, blogging. Now why is that?

The clouds outside are restless. They gather and disperse, only to gather again a little later. Perhaps they are wondering where to spend their summer holidays. For summer is indeed coming. It doesn't feel like summer yet; temperatures are still in the 40s every morning and we've had a good deal of rain this month, more than is usual.

But in two short weeks, preschool will be over and Caleb will begin his summer vacation. And next weekend, we're leaving for a family camping trip around the Cascade Loop. We've been planning it since January, but even so, I feel as though June has snuck up on me. Where did May go, anyhow?

So we find summer upon us, whether the weather cooperates or not. :) I've been looking forward to it since winter began and I only hope it doesn't rush by too quickly.

The wind is restless tonight, too, though wind often is. I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow. Tabitha and I have plans in the morning, and Jason and I are taking Caleb to the drive-in tomorrow night. Double feature: Kung-Fu Panda and Pirates 4. :) Should be an adventure! Only hope it's not raining.

Anyway, I'd better get to work on that rug. If I suceed tonight, I shall try to post of picture of it tomorrow. But only if you promise not to laugh. The rug is, after all, a very odd shape and speaks poorly of my abilities with a crochet hook.

Sighhhh. At least I try, right? Isn't it the thought that counts?

Good night, everyone!

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mama sue said...

Can't wait to see the rug. Odd shape or not, I'm sure it will be appreciated by your "bud"! You've got one up on me. I never could get into crocheting or knitting.
Hope all goes well. I'll look for the picture! love you, Mom