July 24, 2011

Berries are a Girl's a Best Friend

Happy Sunday, all. It's a happy lazy day around here. The sun shines, the temperature is into the 70s, and we're all enjoying the fact that Jason is home and not at work. :)

Look what I've been up to today!

Mmmmmm, yummy strawberries! Fresh from a local farm (we bought them this morning.) And headed straight for my freezer.

See? Washed and drying on a cookie sheet.

Raspberries, already frozen. We bought some of those today, too. :) Berries make me happy.

Maybe it's the prarie girl in me, but I find it oh-so-satisfying to stock my larder (read: freezer) with the fresh foods found in our island community. Salmon. Crab. Blackberries. Locally grown produce. Mmmmmm! I'm lovin' it.

My friend Tabitha found a recipe for chocolate raspberry sauce in her canning cookbook, and I cannot wait to try it! Most of the raspberries I freeze today will be saved for that. The rest will wait for baking recipes and future smoothie concoctions. The farm we went to just opened their fields for U-Pick, so I'm hoping to make another trip out there in the next week or two. A girl can never have too many raspberries. :)

That's about it for now. I have zuchinni fritters to start frying for dinner. :) Hope you're each enjoying summer, wherever the season finds you. :) Happy lazy day to you!


Mama Sue said...

Wonderful! Spendid! Wish I was there to share. You could send some of your concoctions southward, if you please!
Love, Mom

Tabitha W said...

I keep trying to comment with my Google account and it kicks me out. :(
I would be excited to go and pick some raspberries with you when I get back! I didn't realize they were doing U-Pick for those.
And we will for sure have to work on that chocolate raspberry sauce!