July 1, 2011

Friday Night Randominity

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say hi. I know it's been kinda quiet around The Inkwell this week. But that is about to change as I prepare a glimpse of the random Friday Night thoughts my brain is currently entertaining. Ready? Set? Go!

Thought #1:
I wore a sun dress today. A sun dress. This is big news, people. I wore it all day long, to Wal-Mart, to the backyard, to the front yard, in the house. I did finances in it, changed diapers in it, made dinner in it. The weather was that warm today. I think we may actually have a summer yet.

Thought #2:
I am crazy-in-love with Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mochas. I just discovered them about a month ago, and good gravy gracious! where have those been all my life?? I am not, however, crazy-in-love with the price. A tall costs $3.50, and my weekly allowance keeps disappearing through the nearest drive-through window. So I am now attempting to recreate the heavenly drink at home. I have not succeeded yet. But I do have white chocolate syrup. That's gotta be the secret ingredient, right? Or is it the cream?

Thought #3:
I seriously considered throwing this week a going away party. I am not sorry to see it end. Out of all the weeks in 2011 so far, this one will not make my favorites list. Good-bye Week #26! Adios! Dosvidanya! Don't let the door hit ya . . .

Thought #4:
I found a dress yesterday. A dress, people. No, not a sun dress. Common people, pay attention! That was so five minutes ago. This is Thought #4, not #1. ANYWAY. I found a dress. Dark green, velvety. Flowy. Medieval. Renaissance. Long sleeves and everything. The best part? It only cost me $5. Best. Sale. Ever. I have plans for this dress. Oh yes. I plan to wear it to my birthday party. Which leads me to . . .

Thought #5:
I am throwing myself a birthday party. I haven't had a party in a long time, and this year I decided, why not? So party we will, like it's 1533. Or 1826. Or whenever the heck Rapunzel's tangled story is supposed to take place. Yep. Let the long hair fly! Tangled is my theme, and guests are allowed to dress up fairy-tale-style if they so choose. Oh, I sooooooo choose! Hence the dress from Thought #4. :)

Thought #6:
Wow. I didn't think my list of random thoughts would get this long. My brain is pretty much mush after this week, and I'm suprprised I've been able to write coherent sentences at all. And many of them, too, apparently. Huh.

Thought #7:
I probably won't be on here much over the next week, because two of my favoritst people in the whole wide world are coming to visit. My mom and step-dad fly in on Sunday for a week of grand-parenting, grand adventures, and memory-making. I can't wait to see them. :) So bear with me while I take another short hiatus from blogging and know that it is for a good cause.

Thought #8: (last one, I promise)
And now for some funny Caleb quotes that had us in stitches this week:

"Owwww! Smoothie hurt my eyes!" (said in the throes of a brain freeze from drinking said smoothie too quickly).

"O and T! O and T! We go the O and T!" (He means OT, which stands for Occupational Therapist. Caleb just started seeing one here in town, and I call her the OT. But Caleb calls her the 'O and T'. Hilarious.)

"Wook! Wook! Mommy, mommy, wook!" (He can't pronounce "L" to save his life, so it comes out as "W". But the "wook" is so darn cute that now Jason and I can't hear it without cracking up. We wook like wookies in this household.)

"No! No bite me no more! NO BITE ME!" (Screamed at the nurse who administered his four year old vaccinations.)

"Awww, it's so cute!" (Said of anything he takes a fancy to: a worm, a toe, a cereal box.)

"I can't take it anymore!" (Said whenever a tantrum is brewing or when he's unhappy with the current flow of events. Seriously. I hear this sentence a dozen times a day. Can anyone say drama king? I have no idea where he gets THAT from...)


Well that's about all for tonight, folks! I hope you have a great weekend and a happy 4th of July! ;)

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Lindsay said...

I couldn't pronounce my ls to save my life either. Rather hard to yell at your brother when his name is Luke. "Wuke!! Wuke!!"

Aww, I wish I could come to your birthday party!! I could wear my wedding dress - I'd fit right in!! (Though I think I need to drop a few pounds to fit back into it again.) So you need to take pictures of you in this dress so I can see it.