July 18, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Hey Y'all! My friend Flower Mama over at Thoughts and Whatnots does a Monday Miscellany post most Mondays. I always enjoy reading it, so this week I thought I'd give it a try myself. :) Ready for some random? Oh good. Me too. Here goes.

#1: I name my appliances. And I talk to them. I lectured Martha the other night about her mood swings. She nearly burned dinner, you see. She has a nasty habit of over-cooking food when I least expect it. Ruined that last batch of bread I made. Maggie, the gal next door, isn't nearly so tempermental. She vexes easily, though, when Caleb leaves her door wide open. Makes extra work for her, trying to keep all our food cold.

#2: Our church's VBS starts tonight! If you missed all the adventures in Egypt last year, you can take a look here. Guess what the theme is for this year? The Wild West. Squee!!! Happy dance!!! As a girl, I dressed up like Laura Ingalls every chance I got. I still dream of hoop skirts and sun bonnets. (And still wear the petticoat my grandma sewed for me when I was about twelve.) Excited? Over the moon. :)

I am not, however, wearing a skirt to VBS this week. For practical reasons. The thrift store did provide me with some overalls, though. I have a red bandana and a cowgirl hat. Just need to add some pigtails. :)

#3: Caleb overheard me talking about the pool the other day, and decided he wanted to go swimming. He walked over the the hall closet (where we keep most of his clothes in a plastic dresser), and began calling for his swimming trunks.

"Swimming trunks, where are you? Where are you, swimming trunks?"

Utterly hilarious, that boy. He personifies everything. I have NO idea where he learned to do that. Ahem.

#4: Speaking of the manchild, he caught a baby snake the other day. I thought he was playing with a worm. Until he brought it into the house to show me. And in his excitement, dropped it on the kitchen floor. The black wriggly thing took off like a galloping horse, and this Mommy may or may not have screamed "Get it out of the house! Get it out of the house!" about a dozen times. Thankfully Daddy was on hand to save the day, and Caleb took his new friend back into the yard while Mommy hyperventilated. The end.

#5: I had to look up the word "miscellany" before writing this post. Tricky spelling, that one.

#6: We wore jackets to the beach this morning. In the middle of July. Oh, and I left butter in the trunk for two hours while we played and when we got home? It was still cold. Can't say I miss the heat of southern Ca. Summers up here are simply lovely.

And that concludes this edition of Monday Miscellany. There's dinner to be got, and VBS to dress for, so I shall bid you all adieu. Hope your week has started as pleasantly as mine!

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