September 12, 2009

Berry-Pickin' in the Autumn Sunshine

I haven't been berry-picking in years. I think Oak Glen was the last time, and even then, I had to pay for my tiny half-pint container. Here, though, berry bushes are considered something of a nuisance because they spread so quickly and dominate most other plants. No one cares where you pick or when you pick or how many. Especially if you find bushes on public land.

Which we did. :) Joseph Whidbey State Park, one of our favorite places to go, is absolutely teeming with blackberries right now. I had no idea these berries ripened so late in the summer, but they do. And lemme tell ya, they are del.ic.ious!

Caleb thought so, too. He loves having anything down on his level, where his little paws, I mean, hands, can reach. These berry bushes were perfectly accessible; sort of like an all-you-can-eat buffet. They were even better than the cookie table at the company picnic, but that's another story.

As we picked, my mind filled with endless possibilities for these berries. Cobblers, pies, jellies. Oh boy, now I'm in the mood to bake!

I plan to go back next week and pick a whole bunch more so I can freeze them. Then we'll have blackberries all winter! And lest you think I'm being greedy, just take a look at the size of this particular bush: it's taller than Jason!

The whole park is covered with mounds and hills of these brambles, so trust me when I say there is plenty blackberry goodness to go around. :)

Happy Saturday, everyone!


LeAnna said...

Mmm, eat some for me!

Caroline said...

How fun!! I am loving reading about all your new adventures.

Nicole said...

Hello Caroline! Nice to *meet* you! :) Thanks for stopping by!

And LeAnna, I promise I will eat enough berries for you and B and Q combined!!!