September 1, 2009

Tuesday Evening Musings

Sitting in the living room. Smelling dinner in the oven. Watching Lord of the Beans with Caleb. Waiting for hubby to come home.

Rainy outside. Cloudy, too. Wearing long sleeves and long pants; comfy clothes. Lovin' my slipper socks.

Back hurts. Don't know why. Remembering to take life slow. Clean hair. Love that smell. Thanking God for His gentle patience.

Blonde-haired boy chewing on stuffed animals. Laughing every time he points to the TV and says "Bean!" Excited for Netflix; have NCIS to watch tonight.

Resting in an avocado recliner. Warm laptop on my legs. Thinking the new recipe will turn out tasty. Can't go wrong with sausage and pasta.

Cracking up as Ent-like tree beings blow raspberries at our favorite Veggie Tale characters. The best part of the movie. Hoping Heather calls me back tonight so we can chat about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Sighing to self. Wishing to put into words the thoughts flowing through my mind. Eloquence eludes me. Grateful for Jesus and His amazing grace which daily sees me through.

Sleepy-headed. Early to bed. Timer dinging. Dinner's almost done. Dropped shredded cheese on the bottom of the oven. Hoping it doesn't smoke. Lovin' life.

Ending this post now. Prayin' blessings upon you all.


LeAnna said...

I enjoyed reading this. You bless me, girl!

Jennifer said...

I did too!

Mama Sue said...

Your writing always inspires me to want to be a better writer. And to learn more vocabulary. I enjoyed this post immensely. Can't wait to see you in 11 days!!
Love, Mom