September 3, 2009

What I'm Lovin' Today

"I have decided
I'm gonna live like a believer
Turn my back on the Deceiver
I'm gonna live what I believe.
I have decided
Being good is just a fable
I just can't, 'cuz I'm not able
I'm gonna leave it to the Lord."

I love Amy Grant. Always have. Ever since I was a little girl. Which is where this music comes from: my childhood. And the words are as true today as they were then; the constant prayer of my heart. The music may be "old" but it's still good. :) So today, I'm rocking out to my grassroots and lovin' my Jesus with every beat. Oh yeah!
Click here to rock it with me. ;)


LeAnna said...

Ahh, Amy Grant, gotta love her! I can still hear her classic voice singing, "Rocking around the Christmas tree..."

Nicole said...

DO NOT get me started on Christmas music!!! It's taking all my self control not to break out the Christmas albums right now... more on that later, though. :)

LeAnna said...

LOL! You guys get that nice beautiful Fall weather months before we do, I can imagine you're downright feverish with the Christmas spirit by the first of October. Especially considering what you're used to. Here, I have to make myself wait until the first day of fall to burn my pumpkin spice, cider, and apple pie candles. I feel like a sinner if I don't. :P :P