September 9, 2009

A Work in Progress: The Guest Room, phase 1

I finally got my act together and downloaded pics from the Guest Room Project. Hey, I may be slow, but I do eventually get the job done! :) So here we have one very empty room. This is what it looked like after I moved all our boxes out into the storage room.

That's the door, which leads into a hall to the den, laundry room, and second bathroom.

All the supplies for the room, stacked in the corner.

The day the bed arrived! Mom and Harry gave us money to get a good queen-sized bed for the room, since they'll be visiting often. :)
Putting the bed together. Yes, the dresser and bed have moved. They moved several times, in fact, before I decided I liked them here the best.

Curtains! At last! But they cover too much of that big beautiful window. Don't want to obstruct the view.

Ahhhh, much better! The window is ridiculously huge, but it has an amazing view of our front yard. I had a picture of the trees out there, but I think my computer ate it... hmmm...

Yes, the curtain-pull-backer-thingies were a good idea!

Yep, the room is nearly done. I should have "finished" pictures later in the week or weekend. And none too soon, either. Mom and Harry arrive next Monday night, and this room will definitely sparkle and shine and be ready to welcome them.


LeAnna said...

I love it, and the light comingg through that window is so inviting!! Good job, girl!

Linds said...

Looks like a very comfortable bed for us next July! Are you getting a frame for it, or will it reside on the floor? =) Looks wonderful!!