September 24, 2009

Venture on the Olympic Peninsula: Day 1

We had to leave the house by 7:30am. Our ferry left at 8:45, check-in was at 8:15. The weather didn't help; we woke up Saturday morning to rainy skies. But we didn't mind too much. Harry and I had been up around 5:30 because we just couldn't sleep anymore. We were that excited. :) Plus, we still had to pack the van.

We made it to Keystone Ferry landing on time. Can you tell we're just super happy campers this rainy morning?? Even Caleb knew this weekend would be extra special.
We even had enough time for a quick walk to the cafe for coffee and muffins.

On the ferry to Port Townsend.

Caleb looks out the window on the ferry boat. He couldn't decide if he liked being outside or inside better. But the wind was blowing with gale force out on the deck, so we eventually made the choice for him. Inside, Buster!

See how choppy the water is? Brrrrr, I get cold just looking at this picture!

Once on the Peninsula, the weather cleared up nicely. A couple hours later, we arrived at Hurricane Ridge.

Of course we hiked a trail or two. :)

Caleb didn't hike so much as run. If the trail was downhill. If it was uphill, he hitched a ride on Grandpa's or Daddy's shoulders.


The view from the top of Hurricane Hill. This vantage point looks down at the visitor center, where we had parked.

Mount Olympus, covered with snow and glaciers.

Mom and Harry at the top.

A view of the winding road we drove along to get up to Hurricane Ridge.

Who's this crazy lady? Probably just some backpacker wanna-be. ;)

The rest of our crew (minus Harry, who's obviously behind the camera).

A baby Christmas tree! Awwwww!

Before we left, a Mommy deer and her fawn mosied past the parking lot, not ten feet from us.

They kept right on goin', too. Not a care in the world.

The mountains were beyond beautiful. More immense than anything I'd imagined. They defined "vast." The trees grew so thickly on some slopes, it looked like the mountains were covered in dark green fur. Breath-taking, to say the least!
We left Hurricane Ridge early afternoon and drove straight through to Forks, where we spent Saturday night. Sunday would be just as exciting, but you'll have to wait for those photos. . . :)

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LeAnna said...

Oh my goodness, girl. You did a great job capturing the beauty for us deprived folk. What a beautiful, beautiful place! I bet it was absolutely breathtaking. I liked the picture of you and your hubby, and the one of Caleb running down the hill. So sweet! Can't wait 'till the next chapter...