May 25, 2008

The Bud Goes to Breakfast . . .

. . . in a booster seat! Yep! Caleb has graduated to the Big Boy's chair.

Jason moseyed into the kitchen this morning and asked where the booster seat was that we bought a couple weeks ago (it also doubles as a travel high chair). We strapped it to a chair, strapped Caleb into it, and the three of us ate at the table. All together. All very grown-up. :)

Need I say how much Caleb loved it? His face dripped with happiness (and other sticky things), and I started loving it when I realized how easy it would be to clean up. No more unwieldly, stubborn high-chair trays to have to clean!

Jason is usually the instigator of such changes in our home; I tend to get stuck in a rut when it comes to routines. For some strange reason, Jay can tell when our little boy is ready for something new, something more "grown-up." Maybe it's a "dad" thing; maybe it's that male bond those two have going on. Or maybe it's just that being a SAHM, for all its wonderful advantages, leaves me just a bit myopic. Whatever it is, I'm thankful Jason has it.

Cuz otherwise, I'd be cleaning a high chair tray right now instead of typing this. :)

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