May 23, 2008

A little venturing

The rain is coming down in waves outside. I'm thankful it waited till after my grocery shopping this morning. Caleb is down for a nap, and since that last episode of Robin Hood was particularly dissatisfying, I've decided to step into Ijandra, one of my alter egos in the wide World of Warcraft. Perhaps it will not be so stormy in Stranglethorn Vale. . .

Ahhh, the sun shines today in the Vale. True, Stranglethorn is a jungle and it rains here often, but today is warm and hazy and very un-wet. I will be sad when my time here is through. Today I have but one quest on my mind: to find the raptor Tethis. Hemet Nestingwary Jr. wants me to find the beast, kill it, and bring him back a talon as proof.

Personally, I think the dwarf's just lazy. He's got a gun; why doesn't he hunt the dogdy raptor? But as my sisters have advised me, never question someone willing to pay the bills. Imara and Ilyssa have both had dealings with the Nestingwary family, and both of them have faced Tethis before. If I am lucky, he will be missing three talons by day's end.

-much later-

Tethis was a ridiculously easy kill. From all of Ilyssa's teasing, I had imagined a monster. Serves me right for listening to a mage, I suppose. The tales she tells! AngryWhenWet and I are none the worse for wear, and I salvaged some meat off the beast to feed him later tonight.

Alas, Tethis was my only quest in the jungle today and I am at this moment on a bird flying to Menethil Harbor. From there, I hope to catch a boat to Theramore, a port city on the eastern coast of Kalmidor. I have several matters to attend to there, and I am hoping they will lead to more jobs, perhaps in Kalmidor or perhaps back home in the Eastern Kingdoms.

-much later still-

Well, I was right. People were literally jumping for joy when I mentioned "hunter for hire" around town. I have several jobs now; most of them require me to travel into Dustwallow Marsh to find a mage woman named Tabetha.

-even later-

Now I know why Imara and Ilyssa curse this place. Who on earth would want to visit, let alone live here? The weather is ghastly; rain and mud and more rain. And the land all looks the same: swamp and weepy trees and mud and spiders and crocodiles. And mud. Did I mention mud already? Without my tracking skills, Angry and I would have lost instantly. What a dreary place! Imagine mages coming to train here with that odd woman Tabetha! I did some work with her apprentices today, and was sent on my merry way to Mudsprocket, a new goblin establishment to the southwest. The goblins have plenty of work for me though, so I shall try not to complain. They offered to let me stay the night in Mudsprocket, but I had better things in mind.

Now I'm curled up in front of the fire at the inn in Theramore. It's much more homey here than in the Marsh. I have a Rumsey Rum, and Angry's purring. Poor dear! His fur is only just starting to dry out. I'm thinking long and hard about whether I'll stay here for a few days or hearth back to Stranglethorn. There's plenty to do here, if I can bear the dreary surroundings. . .

*Yawwwwn* Stretch. Blink, blink. 4:30? Already?? Goodness, I should get dinner started. Caleb's still sleeping. I suppose all the shopping this morning wore the little fellow out. :) Me, too. *yawn*

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