May 14, 2008

Random Vignettes

I believe my not-so-baby baby boy is weaned. He hasn't nursed in about two weeks, though on the occasional morning, he still looks longingly at our "nursing" chair in the office. A sippy cup full of juice contents him, however, and he is quick to toddle off to play with a car or book.

Not sure how I feel about that.


Why is it that the house gets dirtier with a toddler living in it? I used to mop our kitchen floor once a month or so. Now I must mop every week, or else face major foot-sucking stickiness. I missed mopping last week, due to all the preparations for Natalie's shower and my trip to the desert. Yesterday, when I finally had a moment for cleaning, I ended up using four swiffer clothes to clean my little kitchen. Four, friends. *rolls eyes* I should seriously buy stock in a cleaning supplies company. And Pampers. And Carters. And . . .


The organizational bug is biting here at the Neuhauser house. At least, it's biting me. Monday night, after Mr. Caleb went to bed, I rearranged our bookshelves. Now before you write me off as eccentric, let me explain. There's this one shelf that Caleb can reach and we are forever telling him not to touch the books (yeah right... that's like asking a fish not to swim). So I had this brilliant epiphany: why not put all of Caleb's story books on that shelf, and put all our books up higher? I also had a few other objectives in mind: putting his dvds where he can't reach them, creating a small shelf section for my many notebooks, and finding room for the books I had just brought home from Dad's.

So, with the Bourne Ultimatum and then Ratatouille playing in the background, that's just what I did. :) And I love how everything looks now. So does Caleb. Now he can pull his books out at random and sit and look at them. :)


That's all for now, folks. Today's our last women's bible study for the summer and Caleb's doing his happy dance while chewing on a poker chip. ;) Happy Wednesday!

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