May 19, 2008

The Prince Won't Go To Bed *edited*

We love books here at the Neuhauser house. One only has to look around our apartment to see that it's true. We have bookshelves stuffed into every little corner of our apartment. Two floor-to-ceiling ones in the livingroom, one shorter, stouter one in the bedroom, and a small one in the kitchen for cookbooks. Then there's the moving box full of books in the closet, the books that lie homeless on dressers, tables, and desks. And a diaper box full of children's books in our office, under the little VCR/TV.

What can I say? We love books! And even though we can't fit our collection on our shelves, that doesn't stop us from aquiring more. No siree. ;) What I'd like to highlight for you today, however, is an adorable book by Dayle Ann Todds I found in Barnes n Noble a few weeks ago:

(picture from

I knew I was going to like this book the moment I spied it. The title caught my attention and imagination. And the actual story? Wide-grinning-smiling cute. Here's a sample:

"The castle was in troube. Nanny scratched her head.
'The King and Queen are at a ball and the Prince won't go to bed!'
She bounced the Prince upon her knee. They played pat-patty cake.
Then Nanny said, 'Now go to sleep. . . ' That was her big mistake.
For then . . . (turn the page with me, please)

"WAA! WAA! WAA! I will not go to bed!" the teeny-tiny, itty-bitty little Prince said.

"Perhaps he needs a bath," suggested old Lord Gerty. "It's clear to me a Prince can't sleep if he's soiled and dirty."

And so it goes. The cook, Squire Frat, the royal guard, court musicians, and others at the palace try to get the Prince to sleep, but to no avail. Until, that is, Princess Kate (the Prince's big sister) comes to the rescue with just the thing. :)

I l o v e this book. And I'm not the only one here. Caleb loves it too. Even if you don't have kids, look this one up next time you're at the bookstore. I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself.

So, last night while getting Caleb ready for bed, I decided I would read two short stories to him instead of the Prince Won't Go to Bed. It's kinda longish, and I wanted short and sweet. I picked out two books, went into the bedroom, and called Caleb for story time. And as I turned around, here comes my son, toddling up to me with that BIG, longish book in his little hands, a look on his face that plainly said "Read this one, Mommy! Please?????"

What could I do? So the Prince Won't Go to Bed we read. :)

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