June 28, 2009


We're here!!!

We arrived last night, and as you may imagine, we're all pretty tired today. Mom and Harry fly back to Cali tomorrow, so my in-laws are busy showing them the island today. :) I sit outside writing this and it's probably not even 70 degrees. Caleb is busy making friends with Buck and Willie, the dogs, and digging around in the dirt pit Grandpa Neuhauser put in for him. :)

The yard is fenced. Completely enclosed. And I'm lovin' it. :) So is Caleb.

And there, my friends, I shall leave you. This is short, I know, and I have much more I want to say. But exhausted as I am, I fear I would make no sense and all you would hear would be a bunch of gibberish like:

"Ugly central California is" and "got many trees Oregon" and "huge Mt. Reineer" and "I'm glad my in-laws love me."

See? No sense whatsoever. :)

A longer posty-thing to come. Iz promise.

1 comment:

LeAnna said...

Glad you made it safe, and shesh, I don't wanna hear about gorgeous 70 degree temps...

Okay, I'm kidding. Tell me all about it!!!