June 25, 2009

Washington, Here I Come!

Hey ya'll! Twelve days have flown by and I find myself sitting here, propped up against the wall with two pillows because we have no more chairs to sit in. We have no furniature at all, really. What a weird feeling, to feel homeless in your own home. ;)

This is my last post from California. We leave later this morning in a 16-foot truck and a Chevy Cavalier. Our whole life is packed up between the two, deconstructed and collapsed and stored away like a pop-up book. Everything bit of paper has a place and fits snuggly together as the book closes.

I don't know why I'm awake at 6am. We had such a loooooong day yesterday. Maybe I just don't like sleeping on floors. Haven't done that in a while.

I don't like good-byes, either. I have done a lot of those recently, and I've decided I'm allergic to them. They make my eyes tear up and my nose all swollen. They make my face red. Yuck!

So for the sake of my newly discovered allergen, I will not be saying good-bye (achoo!) here. That's the nice thing about the Blogosphere. There are no good-byes (sneeze!) here. And for that, I'm very thankful.

SO, I promise to post when we get to Washington, if not sooner. (Depends on the internet capability of the hotels we stay in along the way). I'm super-excited to make this drive, because it will be so so so beautiful. Don't worry, I'll be taking pictures along the way, too! :)

Well, the boys are stirring, so I best get going. Later, ya'll!!! See you in WA!


LeAnna said...

Praying you have safe travels, friend. Soak up all of that beautiful scenery for all of us heat oppressed individuals. :)

RanchGirl said...

Hope ya'll are having a easy move... is there such a thing? ;)