June 11, 2009

To the Ladies in Lavender (or Anniversary, pt.1)

Five years ago today, five girls got into some mischief. Some delightfully funny mischief.

Five years ago today, these five girls went to see Shrek 2 in theaters. They ate Mexican food and got pedicures. Fingers were french-tipped; toes were painted a lovely shade of lavender. Later, after toilet-papering the SUV, they gave each other facials. These were some very silly girls.
And the next day, which would be five years ago tomorrow, one of the girls got married.

Five years is a long time. I consider myself blessed to still be friends with all five of my bridesmaids. To still know them, call them, email them, and on rare but happy occasions, see them.
Here's the lovely lady who flew out from Wisconsin and wore a dress a shade darker than all the rest. Lindsay was my maid of honor five years ago; she remains, as she was then, my best friend and big sister. She was also there for my 21st birthday and college graduation in 2006. We met in New York on our way to Northern Ireland many eons ago, and while we barely saw each other during that trip, God started something special then that has lasted.

This lovely lady was my partner for Musical Theater class, my unofficial roommate at Point Loma, and the only other person with whom I speak binary. We've played WoW together, fought together, cried together. And dang, we take some good pictures together, too! Many people have commented that we look like sisters and that suits us just fine.

Melody was my first (and last, ha!) roommate at Point Loma. She was also the first to know when I got pregnant with Caleb (it's a long story). We kept fish in our dorm room, though we routinely killed them, and once in a while we did each other's dishes (assuming, of course, the mold hadn't completely taken over. In that case, we just threw the dishes away). She has the most beautiful smile and the most giving personality of anyone I know, and she loves being one of Caleb's honorary aunts.

Wendy has spent more time in Africa than the United States these past two years, so I don't get to see her much. She sends Caleb toys made by the Burundi people she works with. She was briefly my roommate at Point Loma (for a semester, until she ditched me for Thailand -- I'm still not over that). She gets real silly late at night, making up songs and weird names for people, like Nicachie Ha-Swanya Tunga. :)

This last lovely lady became my sister-in-law the day I married Jason. She was my friend before I even knew Jason existed, and was there to encourage us both as we developed our relationship. I believe she knew I'd be a Neuhauser before I did! I love her humor and admire her strength and wish dearly that we lived closer.

To these five amazing women, I just want to say thank-you. You've added many smiles and much laughter to my life. I'm so glad you all agreed to share that day with me, five years ago. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

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