June 2, 2009

Good Friends Make the Heart Thankful

Today I'm thanking Jesus for friendship.

(And no, Ashleigh does not have purple hair . . . camera goof or something . . . this picture was taken in February, not yesterday).

Yesterday, I spent the day with Ashleigh and her boys; she had very hospitably offered to let me use their washer and dryer (since we have neither), so up the 5 I drove with two baskets of dirty clothes and one excited little boy.
'Course, laundry was just the cover. We really just wanted to hang out, eat ice cream, and read women's magazines from the 50s and 60s while our boys napped simultaneously. ;)
'Course, we talked a lot too. About life, and God, and the crazy fact that we've been married for almost five years. Cuh-ray-zee!
Somewhere on the drive home, I realized how blessed I am to have friendship in my life. It's not a right or a commodity; it's a gift. One you don't always deserve and one you sometimes take for granted. I'm thankful today for all the wonderful women I count as friends in my life. Some live close by, some live far away. Some I've never met in person. But each is priceless and precious.
Thank you, Jesus, for each and every one.

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LeAnna said...

Amen, sister! You hit the nail on the head with that one. I'm getting ready to head to a friends house in New Mexico next week, with a friend from Illinois. We live so far apart, but try to get together once or twice a year if possible. The time of fellowship is so sweet, and you just have to praise God that He saw fit to bring such wonderful ladies into our lives.

What a great reminder. I'm glad you're my e-mail buddy, and I'm thankful for YOU. :)