June 12, 2009

Do We Even Remember How to Be "Just the Two of Us"? (or Anniversary pt. 2)

"I now pronounce you man and wife!"
(five years ago today)

Funny how time slips away from you. Especially when you're in love.

This weekend we are going away to celebrate our anniversary. We haven't done that since our honeymoon. Well, we haven't stayed in a hotel room since our honeymoon. Unless you count the hostel in Peru, where we stayed with seven other people. Which I don't.


Just like our honeymoon, my mom is paying for this trip, too. One of God's many blessings to us in the midst of hard times. She and Harry are watching Caleb for us all. weekend. long. We've never left him overnight before. Another first.

Which seems to fit somehow.

Well, we're off to Hawaii! Catch ya'll later!

(Just kidding about the Hawaii part; I couldn't resist ;)

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