June 30, 2009

Home is Where Your Family is

Here's our home sweet home these days:

Very comfortable accomodations, dontcha think? Jason and I take the east wing for our private quarters; Caleb has the west wing. We have no carriage, no horses, hardly any servants, and keep no company. Only conceive how comfortable we can be! (name that movie) :) And don't forget: this lovely trailer comes fully equipped with a fenced-in yard and dirt pit:

See how happy this little boy is? He hasn't been clean since we arrived. We can't pull, yank, or beg him out of this pit. It's his pit. His domain. His kingdom. Heaven help the person who tries to bring him inside for lunch or naptime.

Who are these two wiley characters? Caleb's new best friends and partners in crime Willy and Buck. Aka, the dogs. :)

Today we made our first family trip. This is Joseph Whidbey State Park. (There are literally dozens of state parks around here. . . this is only the beginning). Jason and I took Caleb here this morning. No one else was around; we had the place to ourselves.

Isn't it beautiful? Peaceful, too.

My guys thought so, too. I've never seen Jason so happy (ok, well, maybe that's not entirely true, but lemme tell ya, my husband is thrilled to be here. It shows.)

Here we are. Washington. Our first day. The Lord gave me these verses last Thursday before we left on our three day haul north, and they have reverberated in my heart and mind ever since:
"The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:23-24
Blessings to you all this fine Tuesday evening. :)


Mama Sue said...

Hello Me-me,
You must have written this right after we talked last night. It was so fun seeing you all so happy. It blesses my heart. I set up a facebook account. Now, I get to learn how to use it!
Gotta go to work now.
Hugs to all, Love, Mom

Natalie Jackson said...

Hi Sue!
Nicole! I can't believe how much Caleb has changed in looks. I am glad that ya'll are happy. Love ya!

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Name that movie?? HA.

"But I am CONVINCED within myself that your father no idear of your giving MONEY."


You two are adorable... and what fun to go from one beach to the other! You are SORELY missed, but we are thrilled to see what God's going to do with you up there in your little cottage.

"Oh, a cottage! A little cottage is always very snug!"

"I've always been EXCESSIVELY fond of a cottage. If I had any money to spare, I would build one myself."

Hey, you started it.

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

THEM. It should be "giving THEM money."

I do know my movie. Inside and out.

LeAnna said...

I had to laugh at the mention of the state park(s). Oh ho. HA. He! ;) I'm so glad ya'll are transitioning into things well. It's absolutely beautiful, and I love the picture of you guys, too cute! Praying God continues to give you peace in all things!