June 15, 2009

Now We Shall See What God Will Do, pt. 2

I sit here tonight utterly amazed by my Lord.

Most of you know by now, through Facebook and email, that Jason and I have decided to move to Washington. We decided this over the weekend, while we were busy anniversary-ing.

Our weekend away came at precisely the right moment. God knew. He knew we would need this last weekend to be away and be alone. To have uninterrupted time for talking. To have plenty of time to think. Time for quiet. Time for rest. Time for plenty of Law & Order reruns. ;)

Our weekend was pretty darn close to perfect. Exactly what we needed. God knew.

He knew, as we did, that when we came back home, we'd be entering the hurricane. There won't be much time for rest or quiet these next few weeks. Heck, I'm not even sure there'll be enough time to sleep.

I feel like I'm on a Star Trek episode. You know, where the Cardassian ship (or Romulan, or Klingon - choose your villain) destroys all the defenses of the Starfleet ship and then demands surrender. The Starfleet captain stalls by asking for 12 hours to evacuate the ship. Then the Cardassian captain says in a deadly serious tone, "You have one hour." I feel like that.

God told us to move to Washington. We said, "Ok God, we'll go! When should we leave? Maybe in a month? Maybe two?" And God says, in a serious tone that betrays a slight smile at the corner of His mouth, "You have twelve days."

Except of course that I don't see God as a villain. Forgive me for my poorly constructed metaphor. It made more sense in my brain than it does on paper. Ok, so maybe Law & Order wasn't the only TV show we watched this weekend.

Seriously friends, I'm taking deep breaths every five minutes or so. I must be insane. Who else tries to move across two states in less than two weeks? With a toddler? Without a husband home to help pack??? We must be insane, crazy, loco. Something this nuts couldn't possibly be from God.

Unless you consider that my Mom, instead of breaking down in tears and screaming at me "How could you?!" sat calmly when she heard our news and with eyes full of love and just a bit of dampness, asked "How can we help?"

That was God.

Unless you consider that we have just enough money in our bank account to pay for the move up to Washington, where Jason's parents have graciously allowed us to stay with them indefinitely and rent-free while Jay finds a job.

That was God, too.

Unless you consider that my husband was totally and completely against moving to Washington until Thursday night, when he stayed up till four in the morning, praying and contemplating and having his heart changed. When I woke up Friday morning, I found a different man waiting for me in the livingroom with the laptop on his knee and something he wanted to talk to me about.

That one was all God.

Unless you consider that, busy and crazed and chaotic as the last few days have been, I feel peace about our decision. That I've wondered a thousand times "Are we out of our minds???" but never once second-guessed our plans. We know, somehow, that we are doing the right thing. I couldn't prove it to you. Only time will do that. We just know. And that is God, too.


Lindsay said...

You know I love you, my little sister. We kept saying while Jay was searching for a job that He has something in mind for you the whole time and it will be the perfect thing and it will come at His timing. Well, here it is! Loco is his way of doing things, isn't it? =) Everything is coming together. The packing and moving, you've done before, though granted, just across town. You have rent free housing for a while - always a good thing!! And you have a fantabulous support system!

Wish I could come to help you pack, though. =(

Nicole said...

I wish you could, too, big sister. :( Actually, I wish you could make the drive up with us. Wouldn't that be fun?!?!?! You've never seen the Pacific NW before, and I've never driven further north than San Fransisco.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement, too. I love you so much!!

LeAnna said...

I'm so excited for you guys! What a great new chapter in life, and one so full of the provision of GOD! Can't wait to see Him perfect and fulfill that which concerns you!! :)

RanchGirl said...

Hi! I'm LeAnna's friend, just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog, and that I'll be back! :)

Nicole said...

Welcome, RanchGirl! Thanks for stopping by! :) When the dust settles from our move, I look forward to getting to know you better!